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Mummies and Coffins in US Regional Museums (Pinterest Board)

One of my interests in the last few years has been locating regional museums in the United States that have Egyptian collections. It has become sort of a game. If I get an unexpected layover somewhere (which I always do … Continue reading

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Still Alive (News, and maintenance)

It has been forever since I updated this blog, and many things have changed in my world. I am no longer a software engineer with Egyptological dreams, I’m now an Egyptology graduate student who sometimes codes. In the future, my … Continue reading

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Provenance Seeks Mummy-Case

What does Mr Robert Nagengast have to do to send you home with this nearly flawless Ptolemaic or late-period mummy-case? He says he has to ask his manager, but he thinks he can even throw in a 1991 mauve Pontiac … Continue reading

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Stumbling Upon Mentuhotep, Overseer of the Granaries

“Huh. That looks familiar” I often think this about seeing artifacts in older publications–like I might have seen them before in a small museum, unlabeled, or labeled “unprovenanced.” ¬†For example, I was pretty convinced that one of the coffins in … Continue reading

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Horemheb the Renep Priest in The Bay Area

At a local antique store, amidst the mouldering old books and the vases that seem to wait for Marie Antoinette herself to walk in the door and fork over exorbitant prices for their kitschy beauty is a rare object: a … Continue reading

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