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Provenance Seeks Mummy-Case

What does Mr Robert Nagengast have to do to send you home with this nearly flawless Ptolemaic or late-period mummy-case? He says he has to ask his manager, but he thinks he can even throw in a 1991 mauve Pontiac … Continue reading

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: A Hieratic Scrawl on the Ka Nefer Nefer Mask

I recently found this picture from a 1952 article in the Illustrated London News. There’s a two page spread on the discovery of the Tomb of Sekhemkhet by M. Zakaria Goneim, and a picture of one of my favorite funerary … Continue reading

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Horemheb the Renep Priest in The Bay Area

At a local antique store, amidst the mouldering old books and the vases that seem to wait for Marie Antoinette herself to walk in the door and fork over exorbitant prices for their kitschy beauty is a rare object: a … Continue reading

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