Still Alive (News, and maintenance)

It has been forever since I updated this blog, and many things have changed in my world. I am no longer a software engineer with Egyptological dreams, I’m now an Egyptology graduate student who sometimes codes. In the future, my goal is  that “sometimes coding” will involve actually learning how to use WordPress to make this page a little less generic.

Mourning Isis, from the foot of the coffin of Nauny, MMA  30.3.23a

Mourning Isis, from the foot of the coffin of Nauny, MMA 30.3.23a

If you follow the page at all, you may have noticed that I have removed the old mediawiki page.  I backed up all of the content, and I hope to recycle some of it into blog posts, my hope being that presenting it in a less encyclopaedic format will be of interest to more readers. There was some really nice information up there, so I’m not going to waste it.

Finally, if you have posted in the comments, and are not a  Spambot, I apologize for not having approved your comment. At this point, there are so many spam comments in the backlog that I will probably have to just delete all of them unless I can find a spam solution that will filter out all the spam I’ve already gotten.  I suppose I should be proud that my page attracts such a large and diverse group of spambots, from all over the world.


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