Mummies and Coffins in US Regional Museums (Pinterest Board)

One of my interests in the last few years has been locating regional museums in the United States that have Egyptian collections. It has become sort of a game. If I get an unexpected layover somewhere (which I always do because I have the worst luck in flying), I see if they have any local museums with Egyptian objects. Mostly I do this through google and Flickr, though sometimes old newspaper clippings are also helpful.

It seems like every nouveau riche of the gilded age wanted an Egyptian artifact to show off to his friends, and the local library, historical society, or museum was often the ultimate benefactor. Also, as I noted in the post about the Scripps Museum in San Diego, small museums often supported organizations like the EES. In the 19th and early 20th Century, Egypt divided finds with excavating organizations, so a lot of the finds from the EES digs were distributed to the donors and wound up in small collections.

Very few of these objects have been formally published, and because of this, their existence isn’t widely known. For this reason, I’ve started a Pintrest board of Egyptian mummies and coffins in US regional museums. These are the ones I want to see but haven’t seen yet (unless the picture on the map is credited to meechmunchie, my Flickr alter-ego).  Eventually I’d like to have all of them on the list.

But wait, you say! Isn’t Pinterest for looking at wedding cakes and tutorials for  overly precious craft projects? Well, yes it is. However, they have a feature that allows me to build a map with pictures of things in different locations, and it’s surprisingly fun to use.

Follow Rokujo’s board Rokujolady’s Coffins and Mummies of the US Tour on Pinterest.

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