Egyptological Puzzles

I’ve added this blog to Amduatwiki in order to document small things I’ve discovered and found interesting that are perhaps too small for the scope of Amduatwiki. I’ve intended Amduatwiki to be a collection of burial ensembles with inscriptions and picture of each object in the ensemble and information on where the object has ended up.

Researching these often divided ensembles, which have more often than not been inadequately published takes a lot of time, and Amduatwiki updates are therefore infrequent.  In the course of my research there are smaller discoveries which are just as interesting, yet do not fit into the scheme of the material on Amduatwiki.

What I aim to do here is to make available images and inscriptions on lesser known objects which are located in small museums and not published elsewhere, to highlight aspects of past Egyptological research which I feel has gotten limited attention, and to provide some context for the research showcased on Amduatwiki.

I hope, with this blog, to make a small contribution to the body of Egyptological research.

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